I say I make words work for you

but what I really do is tell stories.

Stories connect you to your customers.

Stories get attention (and shared).

Stories tell the world not just what you do, but why you do it.

Your story might be anything from "why I started a donut shop" to "there's this awesome sale on gemstone earrings going on this weekend" to "here's how I helped someone like you run a marathon."

Most of the time, I tell these stories through websites, blog posts, and email newsletters.

These are some crucial pieces of content—and, for many business owners (maybe you?), the annoying tasks that keeping falling to the bottom of the to-do list.

I know—writing is hard and it takes a lot of time. So if you:

  • need a new or updated website

  • want to start talking to your customers on a regular basis, through blogging or e-mail or both

  • want to build a community or tribe

  • have a tough time making your writing sound like you

  • have lots to say but no time to get them on paper (or screen)

  • think you have nothing to say

...hit me up.




website content


branding review & update


email campaigns (launch sequences, auto-responders, ecourses)


content critique


content strategy & calendar








email newsletters


Ready to go?