I like to say I
“make words work for you.”

But it’s more than writing witty words. Anyone can do that.

When you’re talking about your business, you’ve got to be careful, intentional, and strategic about the words you use.

So “making words work for you” means writing the witty words that help you reach your goals.

Which means I help you:

  • Figure out what you want to say

  • Pinpoint who needs to know about you

  • Craft the oh hell yes best way to say it for you and your business

Because you are on a mission—to make the best, most creative donuts with the perfect combination of fried outside and pillowy soft doughy inside; to get as many people as possible across the finish line with a BQ time; to help women fearlessly check their bank account; to demystify the law for millennials.

But no one will know about unless you tell them.

And just “telling them” isn’t enough—you’ve gotta do it right. Otherwise, you’re not reaching your people, or you’re reaching them but not really getting their attention, or you’re confusing them because you’re not articulating your what, why, and how.

So here’s how we can fix that.

Branding Review & Audit

Obviously you’re awesome. But do people see that when they find you? Let’s take a good, hard look at all the places you show up online and all the ways you interact with your customers. We are looking for consistency and clarity in your messaging—ALL of it.

This is for you if:

  • You already have a pretty well-established brand/business

  • You’ve evolved or made some changes in your business recently (or awhile ago) and maybe have made all the updates

  • You feel like your presence (online or physical) is scattered

Branding & Content Strategy

You have a logo and a color palette? Great! But that’s not your brand. Your brand is the experience and feeling you create in your clients. To do that effectively, you need some tools that serve as the foundation for everything else you do. Let’s build that foundation with:

  • Your mission & vision statements

  • Your UVP (unique value proposition)

  • An ideal client profile or two

  • Your content style guide

  • PLUS a 3-month content/social media calendar

Ready-to-Go Editorial Calendar

Never look at a blank page again (or at least for the next six months). No more putting off sending your newsletter because you don’t know what to say. And most importantly, no more just throwing up content for sake of it without any planning or strategy behind it.

One in-depth brainstorming and planning meeting with me, and one week later, I’ll send you a Google Drive folder with:

  • A complete six-month content calendar that aligns with your business goals

  • Individual Google Docs for each and every blog post and newsletter that already have outlines and notes—you just need to fill them in

  • Sample sharing content for each so you can push posts out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, wherever

Website Content

No matter what kind of business you have, websites just aren’t optional anymore. A good website means your legit. A bad site, or no site, means you’re losing potential customers. (And sorry, but your Facebook page is not a substitute for your website.)

It doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming, but it does need to be powerful. This is where every word counts, so let’s make every single one freaking amazing.

All the Bios

You’ve established yourself and you’re ready to expand your reach—maybe with speaking gigs, podcast interviews, or workshop hosting. Rock on! This is a little media package that packs a big punch. You’ll get four bios in total:

  • One for the “Speaking” or “Media” page of your website

  • One to send to conferences or events for their brochures

  • One that’s even more concise for plugging yourself on social media or press releases

  • One for your personal social media profiles


I hate writing, I’m terrible at it, I have no time, please just do it for me.

Okay! I’ll give you four blog posts—one month’s worth of content, give or take—all at once. They’ll be in your brand voice and aligned with your business goals. They’ll be rich and engaging. You can put them on your own blog, in your newsletter, submit them as a guest posts, break them into smaller chunks to share on Facebook, whatever you want.

Email Campaigns & Sequences

Tired of pulling your hair out over launch sequences and funnels? Sick of seeing those unsubscribes climb or never seeing engagement from your campaigns?

Or…never bothered to set one up because holy hell this is so much work?

Whether you’re launching your next course or announcing a new product line, or you need a new welcome sequence for subscribers, let’s get your emails on point.

Opt-Ins & Lead Magnets

“Get my free checklist” isn’t cutting it anymore? Let’s make a lead magnet that stands out, gets used, and gets shared. Because more subscribers is good, but happy, interested, engaged subscribers? So much better.


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