Let’s get right to it.

You know you need a website.

You know you need an online presence. A hot blog, an engaging email newsletter, a bangin’ Instagram profile.

You know you need to be strategic about all those things.

And you know that with every passing day you *don’t* have all those things, you’re losing potential customers, opportunities, money.

But I have a website, you say.

Okay, it’s kinda old and some of the stuff is outdated…but I’m too busy to fix it right now.

I’ve got to figure out Instagram stories.

And pitch that publication. And go to that conference.

Oh, and I need new business cards. Guess I’ll update those colors. Maybe it’s time for a new logo?

Blah, blah, blah.

Tell me...do any of these scenarios sound familiar?


“I’m in the middle of a re-brand (that started in 2015)!”

You meet someone—not just someone.

Your dream client.

And it looks like—maybe, just maybe—they want to work with you.

Holy crap!

But you don’t have a card to give them because you never got around to ordering them.

So you scrawl your website URL on a post-it or spell out your Instagram handle but tell them “just ignore my homepage, I’m in the middle of a rebrand and it’s taking forever! You know how it is!”

Or you ask for their card and promise to email them…but you never do.

And you keep working on the projects and with the clients that are fine, sure, they bring in some money, but they’re not quite right. You keep wishing you could do more. Do something different. Follow through on your dreams and your vision.

“Well, there’s always next year.”

That conference you went to two years ago, the one you loved, the one that got you super fired up and excited (until you made the long drive home, at least), puts out a call for speakers.

You click over to the application.


I can’t show them my website.

I don’t have any recent blog posts that show my expertise.

I can’t really speak to this experience because I haven’t really done it myself.

So you close the window.

Next year, maybe.

But then an email comes in from a client with an OMG URGENT request (it’s not that urgent, really) and you take it. And the next. And the next.

And next year you open the same application, skim it, and close the window.

“This month, I’ll finally figure out Instagram/set up Mailchimp/complete that e-course/finish my website…”

You’ve got all the components in place—at least, you’ve taken the baby steps.

You have a Squarespace account (though you’re still deciding which theme to use).

You have a Mailchimp account (but you need to figure out your website fonts and colors before you create a template for your campaigns).

You’re on all the social medias (but you mostly post pictures of your dog and retweet memes about being overwhelmed and unproductive).

Every week you “block off time in your calendar” to “put your head down and get that ish done” and every week you procrastinate and let a client schedule a meeting during that blocked-off time and spend too long watching Insta stories and oh well, guess I’ll get to that next week.

And along with that, you also push goals like “send a pitch to that podcast,” “reach out to that boutique owner about collaborating on an event,” and “launch a new e-course” to next week. Next month. Next quarter. Next year.


Enough is enough, dude.

Aren't you tired of hoping people will get in touch with you but also kinda hoping they won't, because you know you're not doing yourself and your business justice online?

Aren't you tired of missing out on opportunities and not feeling ready to take your shot? 

Aren't you tired of doing the same ol', same ol', instead of actually making a difference, earning that dough, achieving success on your terms?

It's time to stop waiting for your content to write itself. 

It's time to stop waiting for your brand to pull itself together.

It's time to take action.