email marketing

Newsletters. Autoresponders. Launch cycles. E-courses.


You know that email is still one of the best ways to reach your customers, right? Yes, people are getting more protective of their inboxes, and yes, those "unsubscribe" buttons are getting easier and easier to find.

Which means high-quality email marketing content, whether it's a weekly newsletter, an autoresponder series, or communication about the amazing new product or service you're launching, is an even better way to reach your customers. You've got an "in," now let's make your newsletter one they look forward to reading.

My email marketing services include:

  • Email newsletters 
    Sent weekly, monthly, or on whatever schedule is best for you. I'll help you brainstorm and write content, get everything formatted and pretty in your email marketing provider (Mail Chimp, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, whatever), check your stats, and review and update your list periodically.
  • Autoresponder series and e-courses 
    You know how sometimes you sign up for a new list and get one email sent each day? Whether you want to share five days' worth of killer tips, a 21-day challenge, two weeks of creativity prompts...anything you want, I'll write (and again, handle all the formatting and any scheduling or list management you need).
  • Launch emails 
    You've been faithfully sending your subscribers useful, helpful, interesting content. Now it's time to ask them to return the buying your new class/joining your exclusive mastermind program/pre-ordering the product you've made that will change their lives. These emails are a key part of your launch campaign -- let me help you make them sales-producing machines.
  • Oh, and that little opt-in freebie that gets people on your list in the first place? I gotcha there, too.

Rates for email newsletters start at $300 -- but it really depends on what you're looking for. Tell me about your email marketing schemes and I'll prepare a custom quote.