Oh man, blogging.


You know you need a blog. You know you need to keep it updated (more often than two or three times a year, at least). You hear these stories about how blogs are, like, a silver bullet to help websites get more traffic (and therefore, more leads and conversions and sales). But you don't have time to write one. Not every month or every week, that's for sure. I won't call anything a "silver bullet," but a well-written, consistently updated blog CAN:

  • Boost your SEO (both for your main keywords and other keywords your target customers search for)
  • Show both your personality and expertise (people love buying stuff from people they know and trust)
  • Build a community where your customers can, over time, turn into your biggest fans (and, maybe, even friends)
  • Provide an excellent mode of getting feedback (before, during, and after a new product launch)

With my blogging services, you get:

  • Blog posts written in your voice for your customers and target market
  • Editorial calendar consultation
  • HTML-formatted posts (just copy and paste into your blogging platform and hit publish)
  • Social sharing content for each post

I can also ghostwrite articles and guest posts for you -- but please note, I cannot guarantee placement or seek out publication opportunities.

Rates start at $150 for a 500-word post and go up depending on length and complexity. Get in touch if you have questions -- once I know more about your blogging needs, I can send a customized quote.