Five Blog Posts Every Business Can Write


So, we talked about how a blog is probably the least-critical component of your business’ content marketing plan...but blogging is still a worthwhile activity (says the writer). (But no, really.)

But maybe you’re one of those who wants to start a blog but isn’t sure...well, where to start?

I got you. Here are five blog posts that literally every business can use:

  1. Our/My business’ origin story
    How’d you get started? What got you interested in starting this business in the first place? What path did you take to get from “I wish I could…” to “Business Owner”?

  2. Meet the founders/owners/key employees
    Self-explanatory. I’m a big, big believer in putting actual human faces to your business. Share your background and experience, talk about what you do when you’re not working, tell people how you and your co-founder met.

  3. What I wish I’d known before starting a business
    You can talk about mistakes you’d made or things you wish you’d done differently. Passing on wisdom—so others don’t repeat your mistakes—is always good.    

  4. Behind the scenes of the store/office/warehouse
    Are you a maker? Share your process. Run a boutique? Tell your customers what it’s like when you go to LA Fashion District or give them a sneak peek of the inventory you’ve got in the back. Online business? Let’s see your workspace. Have employees? Show people the shenanigans that happen after the store closes.

  5. The most rewarding part about running a business
    This is probably where you thank your loyal customers and highlight the relationships you’ve made through your business.

Why These Work

For one, they’re all easy to tweak, adjust, and customize to your business/brand/voice. If you own a yoga studio, your “origin story” might be about the first time you ever took a yoga class, or about your first job at a yoga studio, or the day you were walking down the street and saw a “FOR LEASE” sign and it was like Hanuman was yanking you towards it.

Two, they’re fairly easy. Spend just a couple minutes thinking about these topics and I bet you’ll come up with ideas (yes, multiple) for each. You won’t have to do extra research or spend a ton of time on the posts aside from writing them (maybe digging through your phone for some old photos but that’s it). If you really hate writing and aren’t working with a writer, I’d recommend recording yourself just telling the story as if you’re talking to a friend, then writing the post from that recording.

Three, they’re all about letting your customers get to know you, and that’s one of the things blogging does best. As you share these posts, you become more than just a cool little thrift shop. You become a thrift shop that’s all about finding the stories behind things because you remember poking through your grandma’s closet and asking her where she got all these trinkets and collections and those conversations are some of your favorite childhood memories. You’ll attract more of your people.

So there you go. If you blog once a week, that’s a month-plus worth of content.

And you can totally stretch this out!

  • Multiple “introduction” posts on you, your co-founder, your employees

  • Stretch your “origin” story into two or more parts

  • “Behind the scenes” can be a monthly feature as you start new projects or change things up

  • Turn “the most rewarding part” into “My Five Favorite Days as a Business Owner” and write about five different clients/customers/interactions

You get the idea. Brainstorm hard enough and these five topics could keep you going for months.

Okay, I like this idea, but I still don’t have time/hate writing. What should I do?

Help is right here.

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