I'm Allison.

 Allison keltner, Freelance Writer in San Diego

Words are my thing.

And since many people—many super bright, awesome, talented people—can't say that, I love putting my skills to their use.

I help small business owners, creative professionals, and nonprofits share their stories with the world—saving them a ton of time and helping them reach their people.

Do you dread putting together your email newsletter because it takes half a day to write, edit, format, test, and schedule?

Are you getting crow's feet from squinting at that damn cursor whenever you try to write a blog post?

Does your website make you cringe because the copy is outdated or incomplete or just not right?

Wouldn't you rather spend more time working with your clients and creating awesome stuff?


If you said YES to any of that...

I want to be your new best friend.

I've got a B.A. in English from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and over seven years experience writing for in-house marketing departments, creative agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses.

I'm trained in both creative and technical writing (and editing!) and have plenty of on-the-job, learn-by-doing experience writing for the web and other media.

And I believe that almost all problems can be solved with some combination of a trail run, Mexican food, and margaritas. And donuts.

Learn more about what types of writing projects I can help you with, learn (a lot) more about me on my personal blog, or just say hey.

My philosophy/mission/manifesto/what-have-you...

I'm all about honesty and transparency. I believe in being your own weird, wonderful, unique self, and letting your customers see that. 

I think we'd all be a little better off if we focused more on building trust and relationships and less on sales funnels and Instagram hashtags. 

I believe that done is better than perfect, but if you're putting something out there and you want it to reach the right people, it better be pretty damn good.

I want to follow the rules and best practices only when they work and feel right for me. If you just can't get behind something that's "huge on Instagram," whether it's pineapples or succulents or Starbucks cups or pictures of your feet, don't freaking post it. There are thousands of other ways to get noticed. 

I don't believe the ends justify the means. If you achieve "success" but getting there felt wrong or icky, it wasn't worth it. I'm less concerned with how much money I make or spend and more concerned with how I earn or invest it.

I want to feel free to have fun, try new things, throw out the rule book, and say what if...?

I am very strongly pro Oxford comma.

I'd rather have just a handful of clients I absolutely love, whose work I believe in as much as my own, than a ton of clients who make me sigh, groan, or roll my eyes. 

Also, my dog won't like you, but can she come to our discovery meeting?


Did someone say newsletter?

Because I've got one. And it's not lame or annoying. I promise. Want in?