I'm Allison.

Allison keltner, Freelance Writer in San Diego

Words are my thing.

And since many people—many super bright, awesome, talented people—can't say that, I love putting my skills to their use.

I help small business owners, creative professionals, and nonprofits shape and share their stories with the world—because good stories are crucial to standing out.

And standing out means sales.

And sales mean you’re on your way to changing the world.


The thing is…

i. have. been. there.

I knew what I wanted—the types of clients I wanted to work with, the kind of business I wanted to run—but my website was a mess, my social media wasn’t strategic, and my blog and newsletter? Um, please don’t check those.

Which gave me an easy excuse for not doing (and potentially failing at) the things I wanted most.

Instead, I kept working with the same (fine! good! reliable!) clients who I liked working with, who I enjoyed, who paid decently—but the work wasn’t lighting me up.

I had this grand vision of securing x new clients in the next three months so I could drop some of the less-exciting work.

Three months passed. Six.

I was still doing that less-exciting work.

Look, showing up for real—telling the world what you want, and why, and how you’re going to make some fucking changes to the way things are—demanding what you want on your terms—is SCARY AS FUCK.

But if you’re here?


You’re ready to take that leap.


And I am going to make you look damn good when you do.

Because you are good at what you do. Because even if you aren’t, you will not rest until you are.

Because something deeper than just wanting to make six figures is driving you.

Because it’s not just about what you do, but why and how you do it.

Because you’re not just selling an e-course or taking photographs or making beer or helping people figure out their IRA. You are, in some way—in your own way—changing the world.

But you need to tell people that. Not just tell. Show them. You need the words to make them sit up and pay attention. You need the words to tell them where to find you, how to work with you, why you want to change their lives. You need the words to make them see you and go, oh, THAT’s what I need right there!

So let’s do that. Together.

We’ll figure out how to simplify your messaging and marketing strategies so when people find you, they instantly know what you’re about.

We’ll get rid of that “COMING SOON” splash page and create a website that shows off who you are, what you do, and why it’s important.

We’ll share stories that are gonna pull your people to you like a freaking tractor beam.

We’ll get your inbox or shopping cart bursting with enthusiastic clients and customers.

And then? I’m going to sit back and enjoy watching you do your amazing thing.


ready to be best friends??

I’m a Bay Area native who studied English at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I consider Lake Tahoe a second home, but I’ve been living in San Diego since 2011 with my husband and our rescue pup, Onyx. (Doubt my love for my state and the places that have shaped me? Ask to see my tattoo.) I’m currently growing a fourth member of our little pack, due December 2019.

I shouldn’t be allowed in bookstores without a chaperone. I’ve bee reading, writing, and making up stories since I was a bitty little thing.

When I’m not in front of a screen or curled up around a book, I’m probably either pounding the trail/pavement (preferably with Onyx alongside), watching Giants baseball, or trikonasana-ing on my yoga mat.

Special talents include making killer guacamole and snickerdoodles, driving a stick shift, and quoting Friends. I’m working on adding knitting, ukulele-playing, and keeping houseplants alive to that list.

I believe that almost all problems can be solved with some combination of a trail run, Mexican food, and margaritas. And donuts.


Did someone say newsletter?

Because I've got one. And it's not lame or annoying. I promise. Want in?